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A special musical hour in the evening. The magnificient setting of the baroque church chapel at Mirabell Castle and a colourful mix  of selected chamber music by  W. A. Mozart, F. Schubert, J. Haydn, J. Brahms, F. Mendelssohn etc.
Superb musicians, mostly from Salzburg, organize the program.

Advent Concerts_\/

Special Concerts_\/


Advent Concerts

In the twilight in winterly Salzburg your heartis warmed in the Advent Concerts in the ancient vault of the Romanic Hall of the St. Peter monastery. Advent- and Christmays music resound  in the air to the sound of chamber music by W. A. Mozart .. Musicians ensembles and singers from Salzburg bring joy to the public: Michael Haydn Männerquartett, Mirabellquartett Salzburg, Wilcox Quartett Salzburg, Divertimento Salzburg etc.




Special Concerts

Besides the Evening Concerts and the Advent Concerts, the society "Musica Sacra Salzburg" organizes Special Concerts at Salzburger churches:
Organ recitals, concerts wtih organ and trumpet, concerts with orchestra and choir with the great clerical works by W. A. Mozart (Requiem, Coronation Mass, etc.)